Frequently Asked Questions

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Ecumen of Litchfield Senior Community with Services provides a full array of housing and services to meet the needs of our clients in a variety of settings. Healthcare can often be complex and confusing; typically people have many questions regarding eligibility and availability of services.

The best way to fully understand all of the options is to give us a call. Even if one of our services isn’t right for you, we are happy to help you find a customized living service plan that is.

For more information, call 320-693-2430 or click here to contact us online.


What types of apartments for seniors are available at Ecumen of Litchfield?

Ecumen of Litchfield provides independent senior living with services at Gloria Dei and Emmaus Place and assisted living and memory care at Bethany. All of these options are available on one campus in an interconnected building.

Are the apartments furnished?

No. You bring your own furniture to Gloria Dei, Emmaus Place or Bethany, to make your apartment your home. In Gloria Dei and Emmaus Place, a stove and refrigerator is provided.

What is the payment structure?

Gloria Dei has six apartments with rental assistance through a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) program. Emmaus Place and Bethany are private pay and there are programs through Meeker County to help after a resident has lived with us for two years paying privately.

How does one use the healthcare services at Gloria Dei and Emmaus Place?

Ecumen of Litchfield Senior Community is committed to providing a happy, healthy and safe environment for our residents. Simply select healthcare service packages from the customized living services agreement or request services as needed. You will be billed on your monthly statement.

Are healthcare services available at Bethany?

Your monthly base package includes nursing oversight, 90-day reviews, coordination of outside health services, and RN on call 24-hours a day. Additional services and therapies are offered as well for increased physical and medical needs.

Who pays for the healthcare services?

Payment sources may include Medicare, Medical Assistance, Veterans Administration, long-term care insurance, and self-pay.

How do I rent an apartment?

You may contact our Executive Housing Director, Jenny Klima directly at 320-373-6617.

Home Care

What is Home Care?

Ecumen of Litchfield Home Care provides a helping hand for safe, independent living in the place you love most – your own home.

Home Care offers a variety of services including skilled nursing, therapy and rehabilitation services, home health aide services, homemaker and companion services. A personalized care plan is developed based on individual needs.

Who pays for Home Care?

Payment sources for home care services may include Medicare, Medical Assistance, Veterans Administration, long-term care insurance and self-pay.


What is hospice?

At Ecumen Hospice-Litchfield, we see opportunities to set new standards, innovate and transform the end-of-life experience. Hospice is not a place, it is a philosophy of care for those who are terminally ill.

Hospice includes a disciplinary team approach to care including skilled nurses, social workers, chaplains, medical directors, home health aides, therapists, along with other supportive services that enable an individual to enhance their quality of life. Hospice is about love and support, not only about making someone comfortable. Hospice care is an incredibly personal experience that you and your family will only realize when you directly experience it.

When should I turn to Hospice?

Reach out to hospice when you are considering moving from cure to comfort in your healthcare goals, you are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, and when your physician supports your decision to choose hospice care.

Who pays for hospice?

Hospice services are available to anyone who meets enrollment criteria, regardless of ability to pay. Payment sources may include Medicare Benefits, Medical Assistance, VA Veterans Administration Benefits, health insurance or private pay.

We are here to help you navigate benefits eligibility. No one is refused services based on a proven inability to pay. Please contact us for more information or a personal consultation.

Where can I receive Hospice care?

Hospice is provided in a patient home, apartment, assisted living or skilled nursing facility.

Adult Day Services

When is Adult Day appropriate?

Adult Day provides daily programming for individuals that need a safe and engaging place during the day and provides a change in routine as well as offering a break or respite for the caregiver, spouse or family member.

Who pays for AD?

Payment sources may include Medical Assistance, Veteran’s Administration, Long Term Care insurance and self-pay.

What services are included?

Services that are included, but not limited to, are nutritious on-site meals and snacks, senior friendly exercises, crafts and card games, and community outings and current events.

Meals on Wheels

What is Meals on Wheels?

Meals on Wheels provides a hot, nutritious daily meal to those who reside within the city limits of Litchfield.

How do I pay for this?

Payment sources may include Medical Assistance and self-pay.

How do I sign up?

To inquire about Meals on Wheels Please call 320-373-6624.


What is PERS?

A PERS is a personal emergency response system. This is usually a pendant that one wears to alert professional help, such as EMTs or a local caregiver, in case of a fall or medical emergency.

Is PERS mobile or through a landline?

PERS is available to those who have a landline as well as without a landline.

What is the cost for PERS?

The cost for PERS varies depending on the specific service that an individual desires. The range of cost is $34 – $46.50.

How do I order PERS?

To inquire about PERS, please call 320-693-7367.

Automatic Medical Dispensing

What is automatic medical dispensing and why would I use it?

The Philips Automatic Medical Dispensing service is an audible reminder system that incorporates a flashing light which indicates that it’s time to take an individuals medicine. Pressing the flashing button allows for the medication to be dispensed in an easy-to-handle plastic cup. This service provides peace of mind with regard to complications from incorrect medication use.

How do I pay for this?

Payment sources may include Medical Assistance and self-pay.

How do I order this?

To inquire about Automatic Medical Dispensing, please call 320-693-7367.

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