Programs to Enrich Life

Developed for comfort, safety and enjoyment.

At Ecumen of Litchfield, we take into consideration the whole person – your needs and desires. Our wide selection was developed to allow you to enjoy life on your own terms.

  • Ecumen Awakenings™ is a nationally recognized Memory Care program developed to replace sedating drugs with sensory stimulation, aromatherapy, massage, cooking, art therapy and more. Awakenings care can help to “re-awaken” many residents whose physical and cognitive abilities have been masked by an inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs.
  • We rely on inconspicuous, technology-based safety monitoring systems. HealthSense® motion sensors track activity patterns and relay silent alerts to a remote location. Caregivers can respond promptly with the personal emergency response system and medication dispensing service, to assess a potential crisis.
  • Residents have easy access to affordable Transportation Services through Central Community Transit. Let the van take you to an appointment, shopping, social event, or wherever you need to go! The air-conditioned vehicles are equipped with a wheelchair lift and are accessible for people with physical disabilities or who have limited mobility.
  • Many of the first signs of circulatory diseases, diabetes, and arthritis may appear on the feet. Ecumen Home Care offers Foot Care Clinics several times each month, as well as individual appointments, to trim and file nails, buff calluses, and massage feet — while checking for signs that might indicate a need for a physician or podiatrist referral.
  • Our Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a nationwide program offering adults age 55 and over the opportunity to use their life experiences and skills in service to their neighbors in need.

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